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Salmon's Fin in Soup

Very tasty. Contains some large bones, eat carefully!

Teriyaki Chicken

Tender chicken thigh in teriyaki sauce

Crispy Salmon Skin

Deep fried salmon skin with a light batter

Sesame Chicken Wings

Chicken wings on the bone with sesame seeds


Deep fried chicken in a light batter

Turbot Fillet in Breadcrumbs

Fresh turbot fillet in breadcrumbs served with tartare sauce

Calamari Rings

Calamari served with a slightly spicy sauce


Octopus balls, just like meatballs but made with Octopus

Teriyaki Salmon

Best cut of salmon cooked in teriyaki sauce

Ebi Fry

Fried King prawns in Japanese bread crumbs

Prawn Tempura

King prawns with tempura batter

Teriyaki Prawns

4 Tiger prawns cooked with teriyaki sauce