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Miso Soup

Home made miso soup

Boiled Rice

Japanese sticky rice


Soya Beans in Pod

Tofu Steak

Beancurd with a homemade sauce

Agedashi Tofu

Tofu in Soup

Kimuchi Spicy Pickles

Homemade spicy pickle with moli, chinese leaf and carrot

Spinach with Peanut Sauce

Spinach with a creamy peanut sauce


One of your five-a-day


Japanese sweet red bean pastry

Aubergine Salad

Aubergine cooked in a miso paste with sesame seed

Seaweed Salad (A)

Crunchy and strong in sesame taste

Seaweed Salad (B)

Crunchy and a little sour in taste


One of your five-a-day

Vegetarian Goyza

Served with a sweet vinegary soy sauce

Pumpkin Croquette

Made with Japanese pumpkin - sweet and creamy

Chocolate Brownie

Something sweet for dessert

Almorello cake

Something sweet for dessert

Mixed Vegetable Tempura

Sweet potato, aubergine, carrot, moli & onions