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Sake - Salmon

The Freshest Scottish Salmon

Tamago - Omelette

Home made sweet egg omelette

Inari - Beancurd

Sweet Tofu Skin Wrapped around sushi Rice

Tuna Salad

Cooked tuna with cucumber and mayonnaise

Avocado Salad

Avocado & Crabstick mixed with mayonnaise

Saba - Mackerel

Locally sourced Mackerel from the West Country

Sake Toro - Salmon Belly

The belly part of Salmon, more oily and tasty

Burn Salmon

Our fresh Salmon torched top-side, dressed with mayonnaise

Hirame - Turbot

Locally sourced Turbot from the West Country

Ika - Raw Squid

Nice and juicy, much softer than you think!

Tai - Red Snapper

Sweet tasting fish

Tako - Octopus

Cooked Octopus tied with Nori

Suzuki - Sea Bass

You tried it cooked, now try it raw, it's nicer.

Maguro - Tuna

Yellow Fin Tuna from the Pacific Ocean

Amaebi - Sweet Shrimp

Raw prawns, sweet in taste

Ebi - Prawn

Cooked Tiger Prawns on sushi rice

Tobiko - Flying Fish Roe

Tiny Fish Eggs, very crunchy and tasty

Unagi - Eel

Cooked eel torched and dressed with teriyaki sauce

Hokkigai - Surf Clam

Give it a try. The texture is similar to Octopus.

Hamachi - Yellow Tail

The best white fish we can offer

Ikura - Salmon Roe

Larger fish eggs, very juicy and tasty