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Ramen (Soup noodles)

Seafood Ramen £9.40

Noodles in a Miso Soup base, with King Prawns, Squid Rings, Greenshell Mussels, Beansprouts, Spring Onions and Coriander

Chicken Suka Ramen £8.10

Tasty Pieces of Grilled Chicken with noodles in a Miso Soup base, Served with a selection of seasonal vegetables

Spicy Rump Steak Ramen £10.40

Noodles in a Miso soup base, with succulent pieces of Rump Steak, topped with Beansprouts, Spring Onions, Coriander and Fresh Chilies

Vegetarian Ramen £7.10 (V)

Noodles in a Miso soup base with Tofu, Mushrooms, Beansprouts and a Selection of Seasonal Vegetables

Tempura Ramen £9.40

Noodles in a Tempura sauce, topped with Tempura King Prawns and a selection of vegetables in a Tempura Batter


Bentos (Rice boxes) All Bento Boxes are served with a selection of side dishes

Yen's Special Bento £9.40

Japanese Rice with Ebi Fry, Calamari Rings and Tofu Steak in a mildly Spicy Sauce with Fresh Chilies

Special Teriyaki Bento £8.60

Japanese Rice with King Prawns, Salmon and Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce

Eel Bento £8.60

Japanese Rice with pieces of Unagi in a Teriyaki Sauce

Chicken karaage / Suka Bento £7.60

Japanese Rice with pieces of Fried or Grilled Chicken

Vegetarian Bento £7.10 (V)

Japanese Rice with Tofu Steaks and Spinach Salad in Peanut Sauce